T     O    S    H 

                                        A  R   C   H   I  T   E   C   T         P   L   A  N   N   E  R    




Review and evaluate the proposed budget and contractual structure for the Project:

  • Documents Review - for completeness and adequacy for the construction process
    control by review of the submitted design, permitting drawings and specifications
    and assess their sufficiency to support the construction process.
    • Boundary/topo survey
    • Geotechnical report (soils)
    • Zoing/platting approvals
    • Building permits
    • DOT permits
    • Projects documents (plans and specifications)
    • Energy compliance certifications
  • Budget Reviews - for verification and adequacy for the construction.
    The review includes:
    • Construction budget
    • Schedule of values
    • Construction schedule


To monitor the project process for quality, cost and timing:

  • Quality Review - from on-site inspections and review of pertinent documentation
    affirming the constructor is performing as to completeness and quality of workmanship
    and materials.
  • Budget Review - monthly assessing that the requested funding aligns with the
    in-place work and sufficient funds remain to complete the project.
  • Periodic Funding Request Review - reviewing the constructor requested amount
    and recommending funding.


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